Legion Field - Birmingham
October 28, 2017


Parade General Info



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28th - 8:00am
Join us in the streets of downtown Birmingham on Saturday, October 28th at 8am and prepare to be entertained by the best bands, dance teams, and other entertainers!  The parade will be lead by the famous McDonald's float carrying celebrities and the game Ambassador.  You won't want to miss the bands and dance teams from each Alabama State University and Alabama A&M University.  
**NEW ROUTE FOR 2017**

The 2017 route will begin at the corner of 17th Street North and Reverand Abraham Woods Jr. Blvd.
The parade will head east on Reverend Abraham Woods Blvd to 19th Street North
Right on 19th Street North
Right on 4th Avenue North
Right on 16th Street North
The parade will end at 16th Street North and 6th Avenue North